Coming Up with a Garage Sale Layout Ideal for You and Your Buyers

Table with garage sale items on it.

You’re taking the time to put on a garage sale, so why not do all you can to sell your stuff? Take your cue from retailers and maximize your space when displaying your household goods. You’ll make more money – and have less clutter getting in your way at the end of the day. Storage Choice, with self storage facilities in Dallas, TX and other locations in Texas, offers these tips for selling like a pro.

Prep Your “Store”

If you don’t want to sell it, hide it behind a blanket. Better yet, open up more selling space by or moving it out of the garage. Further expand your sales area by using old or cheap vinyl shower curtains as “tarps” on the lawn. Organizing both indoor and outdoor sales spaces beforehand is beneficial, so consider mapping out table and tarp placement on paper. Give your garage a thorough cleaning – no one wants to see cobwebs when they’re buying housewares – and mow your lawn the day before the sale. Balloons near the street alert buyers to your sale and add a little excitement.

Boost Your Curb Appeal 

Make your sale look as tidy and appealing as possible. Placing large items along your driveway assures passersby that your sale is worth their time. In addition to giving you more room to display your wares, having items outside your garage expands the sale visually. Tidy tables and colorful items draw the eye, while attractive signs alerting drivers and pedestrians of your clothes, toys and other items – maybe even with a touch of humor – let people know you have what they want.

Think Like a Retailer 

Put yourself in buyers’ shoes to make your sale as convenient as possible. Group like items together to simplify shopping and encourage multiple sales. Separate clothes by size to make buying easier. You don’t want to make them guess how much items cost; price items individually, or place an ‘all items $1’ (or whatever price is appropriate) sign on tables with objects of similar value. Also, be sure to tidy your wares throughout the day.

From tidying up to clearly pricing items, proper prep work goes a long way. Follow these tips from Storage Choice to make the most money possible while reducing clutter. Self storage can also help after the sale is over. Contact us if you need a storage unit in Dallas, TX for unsold items or belongings that are too good to give away.

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