Celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day with Self Storage

close up of red collector car door and fender

For all the car enthusiasts out there, July 14 marks a day when collectors can show off their cars to the masses. Collector Car Appreciation Day only comes once a year and gives collectors in Pearland, TX a reason to polish their rides and to take them out of self storage for a spin. You can also take this day to check out other collector cars in the area at local shows.

History of Collector Car Appreciation Day

If you’re a car collector and haven’t heard of this annual holiday, now’s the perfect time to join in the celebration. It has been going on for the past seven years since July 2010. In fact, it occurs every July but not always on the same day. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) organizes the event each year, so you’ll want to bookmark the organization’s website to find out when the next event will take place.

Storage Units and Collector Cars

Not everyone has spare room in the garage for a collector car, especially if you already own one or more family cars. Storage units give you an option for parking and securing your vehicle off-site while having access to it 24 hours a day.

As a car collector in Pearland, TX, we know that you’re on top of your game when it comes to taking care of your pride and joy. Therefore, we won’t bore you with tips on maintaining your collectible. However, we’d like to share with you the importance of storing your vehicle off-site in our facility.

Our large storage units start at 15 x 25 feet. These units offer drive-up access, giving you more than enough space to park your collector car inside. We also have larger units available, located inside on the first floor. Our drive-up units come with all the benefits of our indoor units, such as 24-hour access and security. They close tightly and protect your car from the elements and pest infestations.

Store Your Collector Car with Storage Choice

Storing your car in self storage benefits you in many ways. It gives you more space in your home garage, and you’ll have peace of mind as it’s locked away in a tightly secured unit. As Collector Car Appreciation Day rolls around, Storage Choice in Pearland, TX has the solutions to your car storage needs. Whether you’re looking for something temporary or long term, we’ll help you pick out the right storage unit for you.

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