How You Should Pack Photos and Photo Albums for Long-Term Storage

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Storing old and new photos the right way is vital for preserving your memories for generations in League City, TX. If you store your photos in the attic or a basement, the heat and the humidity could damage them forever. So, what should you do to make sure that your photos are kept safe from degradation in long term storage? Storage Choice has a few tips on how to pack them properly for safekeeping in a storage unit.

How to Pack Photos for Long Term Storage

Organize them before packing them away.

Some people have boxes full of photos without any albums or sleeves for protection. Take the time to go through and organize your photos, separating them into albums based on years or events. Categorizing and labeling them will make it easier to find what you’re looking for later.

Make sure they’re packed flat.

When you’re packing your photos, make sure to lay them flat whether they’re in an album or placed in a stack. Setting them on their sides can cause warping and bending. If you don’t plan to use an album, place each photo between pieces of cardboard. It will prevent the pictures from sticking together.

Box up framed photos.

You don’t have to take your pictures out of the frames when putting them in storage. Though you can box them up, it’s best to cover them in bubble wrap first. You can also put packing peanuts in the box to protect the frames during the move and while they’re in storage. You can either lay the picture frames flat or set them on their sides in the box to save space.

Label the boxes in the storage unit.

You should always label your boxes either before or after you’ve put them in storage. It will make your life so much easier when searching for what you want. Avoid sticky notes, as they could fall off the boxes over time. Label at least two sides of the box with a marker for easier identification.

Protect Your Memories Forever With Photo Storage

For maximum protection, consider a climate-controlled storage unit for your picture frames and photo albums. It will provide a consistent temperature no matter how hot or cold it is outside. The slightest elevation in heat and humidity can destroy your photos. With climate-controlled photo storage, you’ll have peace of mind while your photos are stored away from home. Rent a storage unit in League City, TX, today!