When to Get a Climate Controlled Storage Unit vs Non Climate Controlled Unit

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While there are many different shapes and sizes of storage units, there are two main types of storage unit: the climate controlled storage unit and the non climate controlled unit, also called a regular storage unit. The two terms are self-explanatory. Climate controlled units are heated and/or cooled—in other words, they are designed to be kept at a specific temperature and humidity. Regular or non-climate controlled units have no heating and cooling, and their interior temperature depends on the weather.

At Storage Choice, we have storage facilities across Texas, many of which offer both climate controlled and non-climate controlled units. But which is better for you? Read on to find out.

Do You Really Need Climate Controlled Storage?

Regardless of what you’re storing in your unit, climate controlled units are more comfortable than their regular counterparts. If you intend on spending a lot of time in your unit organizing, cataloguing, or moving items, a climate controlled unit can certainly make your life more comfortable.

Otherwise, you need a climate controlled storage unit if the belongings that you intend to store would otherwise be damaged by extreme temperatures. Remember: while most items can withstand the high Texas temperatures for a short time, items are usually stored in units for months at a time, and that prolonged exposure is what you should look out for.

Why Common Items Need Climate Control

There are a surprising amount of commonly stored items that need climate control. Here are some reasons how those items can be damaged by excess heat or humidity:

  • Furniture—humidity and high temps can cause warping and encourage mold growth, especially on wooden furniture
  • Electronics—Extreme temperatures and humidity can ruin many small, component parts, and can warp discs such as DVDs and CDs
  • Books and Papers—Heat and humidity can deteriorate the bindings that keep books together
  • Fine Items and Antiques—Old items are very easily damaged if not stored at room temperature, so be sure to use climate controlled storage
  • Musical Instruments—Any wood instrument is at risk of irreparable warping in high heat, and the strings on pianos, violins, and guitars can discolor and break

Do Mattresses Need to be Stored in Climate Control?

Mattresses are a commonly stored item in self storage units, and should be stored in climate controlled storage units. While mattresses can withstand hot and cold temperatures, high humidity can ruin a mattress. Since bacteria and mold thrive in high humidity, a humid storage location can encourage them to spread inside and outside of the mattress.

Find Mattress Storage and Climate Controlled Storage Today

Whether you need climate control because you want to protect your belongings or simply want to have a more enjoyable (and cooler) storage experience, there’s a unit for you here at Storage Choice. From easily accessible climate controlled storage storage units to state-of-the-art security systems and helpful onsite staff, Storage Choice offers storage solutions Texans can trust. When you’ve figured out what you want regarding climate controlled vs non climate controlled storage units, find your unit online and rent today.