Caring for Your Furniture Before Storage So It Remains Fresh


Before the big move comes the big clean. You wouldn’t put dirty clothes away in your dressers, so why would you store dirty furniture in self storage? Residents in Dickinson, TX take cleanup very seriously, especially with the flooding this past fall. Keeping with this theme, Storage Choice is here with tips on prepping and storing your furniture in our clean and convenient storage units.

3 Self Storage Tips for Your Furniture

Clean Your Furniture Before Moving It

If your furniture comes with a label, make sure to read it before using any ordinary cleaner from your kitchen. Certain woods and upholstery require specialized care and may only need to be cleaned with soap and warm water. Performing a regular dusting and polishing will go a long way in keeping your furniture nice and clean as it sits in storage.

Wrap Your Furniture Carefully

It’s tempting to move everything onto the truck right away to speed up the moving process, but that’s how things arrive marred and broken. Wrapping your wooden furniture, appliances, and other items with padding will keep them from arriving to your destination with scuffs and scratches. Consider keeping the padding on your belongings as a protective barrier when setting other items alongside or on top of them.

Store Your Furniture the Right Way

Even if you cover your furniture, appliances, and other items with protective padding, it’s still wise to minimize how many other items you stack on top of each other. When you’re moving things into your storage unit, organize the biggest items around the walls, creating a U-shape when looking into the unit from the door. Be mindful when stacking things, keeping the largest and heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest on top.

Keeping Things Clean in Storage Units

Cleaning your furniture before placing it in storage will prevent mold, mildew, and lingering odors as it sits in your storage unit. When you’re looking for a clean storage facility in Dickinson, TX, Storage Choice has you covered. Our units will shelter your furniture and other items no matter how long their stay.

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