Why Business Storage Units Are More Cost Effective Than You Think

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If you’ve ever counted on personal self storage to free up space in your home, you know how valuable a storage unit can be. Business self storage offers those same space-saving, clutter-busting benefits while helping to boost your company’s bottom line. From law firms to clothing stores, business storage units help companies of all sizes in Ft. Worth, TX, maximize their square footage—and their profits.

Save Your Space

Growing pains are a symptom most businesses are happy to have. But expanding your business can produce many side effects. Reduced workspace, cramped conference rooms, and crowded break areas can result in decreased efficiency and discomfort for employees and visitors alike. A disorganized office, storefront, or warehouse can even diminish customers’ or clients’ confidence in your company’s ability to serve them. Lost business means lost revenue, and finding new customers is much more costly than keeping the ones you have.

In addition, if employees experience too many disruptions at work, they may start looking for positions in a more professional environment. We all know how expensive and disruptive employee turnover can be.

Self Storage vs. Warehouse Space

Whether you’re a contractor concerned about keeping your equipment safe or an online reseller with an overflowing spare bedroom, business storage units offer an affordable answer. If you’ve priced warehouse space in the Ft. Worth, TX, area, you know how expensive commercial square footage can be. A business storage unit can be had for a fraction of the cost. You’ll also enjoy a surprising number of amenities. At Storage Choice, we offer 24-hour video surveillance, abundant lighting, gated access, a free moving truck with your rental, and other great benefits.

Easily Access Your Essentials

Conveniently located facilities make it easy to access stored items. While warehouse spaces are often located in industrial or commercial areas, business storage units can be found just about anywhere. You can feel comfortable storing important but seldom-used files or equipment thanks to effective security measures and handy locations. And off-site storage allows you to take advantage of great deals on bulk inventory, office supplies, and other necessities.

Choose Storage Choice to Help Your Business

Whatever your industry, business self storage is an affordable, practical solution to your company’s square-footage problem. From saving on supplies to giving employees and customers a little breathing room, storage units offer businesses of all sizes with a budget-friendly alternative to costly warehouse space.

De-clutter your workplace and make your accountant happy by contacting Storage Choice today. Our friendly, knowledgeable employees are here to answer your questions. Or reserve a unit online at one of our locations in Ft. Worth, TX, and other communities throughout the state.