Beat the August Heat with Climate Controlled Storage

orange sky with blistering hot sun and temperature gauge

Flip flops, shorts, and shades almost make it bearable. Central air conditioning, covered patios, and tinted car windows also help. Still, summer weather in the Gulf Coast is hard on everybody, and it’s hard on stored stuff too. August is prime time for beating the heat here in Dickinson, TX, with self storage featuring cool climate control.

Why Go with Climate Control?

All quality storage units are solidly built, but they aren’t all equipped with fresh air circulation. Climate-controlled units keep things cool with advanced HVAC systems, and they keep things dry with industrial-size dehumidifiers.

Here along the banks of Dickinson Bayou, our August mornings dawn with an average humidity of 90 percent. The heat peaks in the middle of the afternoon with temperatures in the high 90s. We bravely joke about the air you can wear, but those weather conditions take a serious toll on items stored in units without climate control.

What Needs It the Most?

Not everything needs an AC storage unit. Lawn equipment and barbecue grills can handle our South Texas heat. Anything with monetary value belongs in climate-controlled self storage along with these items:

  • Antiques, artwork, and family heirlooms
  • Photo albums and important paper records
  • Musical instruments of any kind
  • Mattresses, bedding, and seasonal clothes
  • Computers and electronic equipment

Think about how much time your belongings might spend in the unit. Things in long-term storage are better protected with climate control, and it’s also the best choice if you aren’t sure how long you’ll need self storage.

What Are the Perks?

Imagine heading over to your storage unit after a jog through Hopkins Park on an August morning to pick up some fishing gear. Picture opening the door and stepping into a space as cool as your house. That’s just one of the perks of leasing climate-controlled storage.

Constant air circulation keeps your unit smelling fresh, and it keeps it cleaner too. Filters reduce dust while dehumidifiers minimize chances of mold and mildew. Climate-controlled storage doubles as a safe place to stash belongings during hurricane season and a secret place to hide presents before Christmas.

Helping You Stay Cool

When you know your things are safe from summer heat, it’s easier to enjoy ball games at Zempter Park and afternoons on the bayou. When you know you have secure access to the best storage units in Dickinson TX, it’s easier to chill year-round. Wherever you are in Galveston County, you can always count on Storage Choice to help you stay cool.

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