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Renowned as the “Antique Capital of Texas,” Forney, Texas was once home to more than 100 antique stores. These stores attracted Carrolltonians as well as other shoppers from across the state. While some people display these treasured antiques and family heirlooms in their homes, others choose to store their keepsakes. Properly preparing your collectibles for storage reduces the risk of damage and ensures that future generations can enjoy these treasures. When preparing to place antique paintings, furniture and other heirlooms in Storage Choice Carrollton storage units, consider the following tips.

Antique Care and Preparation

Clean the antique and carefully cover it with protective bubble wrap, blankets, felt or sheets. If possible, place the wrapped item inside a specialty box designed to protect fragile items, such as lamps, mirrors and paintings. Disassemble delicate items and wrap the individual pieces. Place hardware in a plastic bag taped to an inconspicuous location on the antique, so they will not get separated or lost while the antiques are in Carrollton storage units. Items should also be marked as fragile to ensure that they will be transported and handled with care. Place boxes and individual items on pallets, so that they are off the ground.

Storage Unit Features

You should select Storage Choice storage lockers in Carrollton, TX that feature climate-controlled units and the security measures needed to protect your valuables. Antiques can be easily damaged by extreme weather conditions as well as abrupt changes in the temperature and humidity levels. The unit should maintain a temperature between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and a low humidity level to prevent rust from forming on metal and the proliferation of mold and mildew on paper and fabric.

The storage lockers in Carrollton, TX offered by Storage Choice also feature alarm systems and other security procedures designed to protect your values and prevent unauthorized access. Find a Storage Choice facility near you and start protecting your valuable antiques today!

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