5 Ways to Protect Your Car This Summer

vehicle under the sun

Sometimes it seems like the Houston, Texas heat will never let up. You know the toll that smoldering sun can take on you, but have you considered the effect it can have on your car? Storage Choice is filling you in on some tips to protect your vehicle as temperatures climb, and how self storage units can steer you in the right direction.

1. A Coat of Protection

A coat of wax can act as a shield towards dirt and debris that can sit on your car and scrape its top coat of paint. Wax also provides another barrier between that ball of fire and your sweet ride.

2. Interior Protection

Invest in a sunshade that goes under your windshield and above your dashboard. Not only will you protect your dash, steering wheel, console and seats from heat damage, but it might even be the slightest bit cooler the next time you hop in your car.

3. Roll it Down

Roll your window downs about an inch or two. This will also reduce heat in your vehicle, which can cause fading and distortion to your interior.

4. Stay Charged

Even your battery can get exhausted in this heat. It’s important to keep a close eye on your battery by checking its life often.

5. Think Storage

Here at Storage Choice we know that the best way to protect your car from sun damage is to keep it in a storage unit whenever possible. Even if you own a classic car, a protective car blanket will not be enough; storage is your best bet. Self storage will not only ensure the protection of your vehicle, but also keep it in its best condition.

Don’t take a risk when it comes to your vehicle. With Storage Choice your car will be protected from all the dangers the sun can throw at it. Make the decision today to place your car in storage and never worry about the Houston sun causing damage to your car again.

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