10 Ideas for a Festive St. Patrick’s Day Party

Cupcakes with St. Patrick's Day

Get a leprechaun’s leap on March 17, and start making your plans for the best St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Carrollton. Check mini storage supplies, let your imagination dance a jig, and create Irish memories for your lucky guests with these 10 easy party ideas.

10 Ideas to Get the Irish Party Started

  1. Decorate with Irish streamers. Snip shamrock shapes from accordion-folded green crepe paper streamers. Be careful not to cut through the paper’s folded sides.
  2. Turn hearts into shamrocks. Dress up paper dinnerware with a heart-shaped rubber stamp and green ink pad. Offset three hearts, add a felt-tip green stem, and you’re ready to serve.
  3. Charm appetites with cheddar and Guinness. Pulse-blend shredded cheese and light cream into a dreamy dip, add beer, and spike the flavor with chopped Irish green scallions.
  4. Serve up sensational pot of gold snacks. Toss fresh popcorn with gold M&M candies, drizzle the tasty treasure with melted chocolate, and serve in little ramekins.
  5. Splash some green in your bowl. Get that pretty punch bowl out of mini storage, and fill it with a lively mix of lemonade, limeade and lemon-lime soda.
  6. Stage a scavenger hunt for edible gold. Hand out clever clues that send guests searching for gold coin candies hidden around the house. Whoever collects the most coins is the lucky winner.
  7. Turn the guys into leprechauns. Cover their chins with shaving cream, stand them on the other side of a table, and let the Cheeto toss begin. Be sure to take pics of the guys with their hilarious, curly orange beards.
  8. Find out how Irish you really are. Play St. Patrick’s Day trivia with question cards covering fun facts like the nation’s favorite food, colors on its flag and its most popular style of music.
  9. See who can write the funniest limerick. Give everyone pencil and paper, set the timer for five minutes, and then have a group reading. The best limerick wins extra gold candy coins.
  10. Preserve party memories with a photo booth. Drape a corner with green, set a nearby table with St. Pat props from self storage like leprechaun hats and giant shamrocks, and let the selfie fun begin.

When the St. Paddy celebrations are over, don’t clutter up closet space with all those party supplies. Stash everything in our Storage Choice self storage facilities in Carrollton, and you won’t need the luck of the Irish to be ready for next year’s fun.

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